The Ouroboros's Providence

What is a webring?

A webring is an alliance of sites which link to their "neighbors" in a circular way. Each site places "Next site" and "Previous site" links which, if a user continues to follow, he will see every site in the ring and end up where he started.

This is a classic way to discover artisanal sites on the internet without the mediation of search engines, "big tech" or corporate landing pages.

Table of members


Joining the web-ring is a matter of emailing the admin of the webring with your site and setting up the links.

There are four main links that the webring provides, all are required to be on your site to join:

  1. /next – Go to the next site in the ring.
  2. /previous – Go to the previous site in the ring.
  3. / – Go to the webring mainpage (this page).
  4. /random – Go to a random page in the webring.

Copying the following code will suffice for all the links necessary to join the webring:

<div style="text-align:center">
<a href="">←</a>
<a href="">Name of Webring</a>
<a href="">→</a>
<a href="">Random</a>